About Me


Lyndsey Camille (lIHn-zee kuMeel):

My name is Lyndsey Jackson,and I am a junior studying public relations, Spanish at the University of Georgia. When not at club meeting or a study room, you can find me blogging or flipping through my collection of magazines and fashion books. Since middle school, fashion blogs and magazines have given me a glimpse into the fashion world, from personal street style on the sidewalks of France to the influences of popular fashion and beauty editors. However, I didn’t always see diversity and girls of colors that looked like me. I have always had an interest in fashion and individuality and chose to use my writing to share that with others.

As I have gotten older, I have found myself maturing my style into a balance of comfort, cool-ness and pop. I appreciate bold contrasts whether it be strong prints with softer details in the accessories, mixing colors such as black and white for a sporty-cute look or dressing up a plain white T-shirt with bold hoop earrings and wedges. I appreciate comfort-ability, and it is always a necessity when you are running from class to class, staying involved on campus and trying to make it on time for work! However, with comfort-ability, I keep my style first in order to express who I am and how I feel.
P.S. I also love cookie dough ice cream, have a slightly weird obsession with owl jewelry, watching hair and make-up videos and a multitude of other things you can learn about by following on my Style Guru journey!