4 Ways to Instantly Liven Your Natural Hair

“Don’t Touch My Hair” songstress, Solange Knowles, is known for always changing up her ‘fro game, but here she rocks it in a slicked back bun. However, she ensures it’s not your typical bun by adding an array of dark silver contour clips to the perimeter of her hair. The clips give the slicked back bun life! Try this look at home by adding 1-2 hair clips on each side, closer to the ear – now not only will your edges stay slicked back, but you now have a LOOK!

Amandla Sternberg is always a beauty! Here she wears a gorgeous tresses out in a fabulous, full afro. Instead of a typical headband, she creates a silvercrown with a bejeweled headpiece. A headpiece such as Amandla’s ensures a formal, queen-like look. How to recreate this look at home? Look for bold headbands and statement head wraps online and at your local beauty supply stores.

Janelle Monae is an expert on jazzing up your natural hair. Here she takes a more editorial take by exposing her bobby pins around her bun. The bobby pins stand out with a light-brown/golden sheen and match with her paperclip earrings. This look is easy to recreate by adding extra bobby pins across your own ‘do!

So maybe I’m a little obsessed with Janelle Monae’s style, but this hair accessory is a perfect statement piece. Many statement clips like Janelle’s can be purchased in packs and simply attached to the hair. Attempt this look by creating low buns and placing the clips around the bun or desired areas.

Let me know how you liven up your hair in the comments below!


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