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4 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive


  1. Invest in a planner to map out your months and weeks. In order to make the most of my days, I like to take a look at how busy I plan to be over the course of the month. A planner is perfect to not only keep up with important dates, but to log phone numbers, save important sticky notes and create daily to-do lists. My favorite planners are academic and bullet journal style because it fits my current need for organization.  Not into physical planners? I love to use Google Calendar to save important events and even syncs directly to my iPhone calendar!
  2. Prioritize your day. Each morning, I start my day by making a to-do lists of everything that I need to accomplish. I start off with the projects and tasks that are due first then work my way down my list. I then go back and make rough time frames of when I would like to work on each task during the day. Once the time frame has passed, I move on unless the current task must be completed in a short amount of time. Prioritizing has helped to make my days run much smoother because I have made each task a goal. Everyone wants to accomplish a goal and have the satisfaction of marking it off with a check!
  3. Free Time is a must even on the busiest of days. I find I am the least productive when I run myself ragged with no lunch, no breaks and no time to breath! Each day I try to make time to close my laptop and put away my work to take a one mile stroll around campus. My walks give me a time to debrief and relax. Maybe you’re not into upping your daily steps? Try closing your eyes and listening to music, take a nap or meet up for lunch with friends. Taking a step away from work gives your brain a chance to relax and conjure up new ideas.
  4. Find Your Space…and stick with it. One of my biggest issues with productivity was always moving around. Every time I began to start working, I felt uncomfortable and needed a change of scenery. This kept me from reaching a consistent work flow. So, I decided to figure out what I needed in a study space to prevent me from moving. It came down to – quiet, warm, spacious and a dash of color. My room was out of the question, but I did find several study rooms located in my own dorm! Whenever I need to concentrate on completing work or a project, a study room is my best bet to keep me in one place.

What are your tips to improving your daily productivity?

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3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive”

  1. Omg planners are actually so helpful – I have a gazillion things to do this month and my planner’s the only thing keeping me sane right now because everything’s so organized in it haha! These are all great tips girl!

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