5 Benefits of Steaming Your Natural Hair

Woman with natural hair laying head down.

Steaming my natural hair has reinvigorated my hair routine. After a few 20 minute steam sessions and deep conditioning, my hair feels stronger and softer, and I’m retaining my length.

Steaming my hair also decreases tangling, improves elasticity, and helps to stimulate growth. Keep reading to find out why you need to add steam treatments to your wash day routine. 

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What is hair steaming?

Hair steaming is the process of applying moist heat, AKA steam, to the hair to allow for better moisture. The moist heat is best for absorption into the hair follicles due to the humidity created by the steamer.

Woman with 4B/4C Natural Hair
Natural Hair in a Twist Out Style

I’ve been steaming my hair for over three years with the Secura O3 Facial & Hair Steamer. Wash day is typically a detangling pain for my 4B/C hair. However, the steamer paired with a thick layer of deep conditioner cuts down on excess hair loss and breakage. After a silk press, the steamer also aids in getting my coils back into shape.


What are the benefits of hair steaming?

  1. No Dryness: Hair steaming stops the dry, brittle strands in their tracks! The steam allows your hair to absorb moisture, creating stronger and healthier strands. I like to add a conditioner to  my steam treatment for extra nourishment. 
  2. A Low Porosity Must: Hair steaming lifts hair cuticles which further promotes absorption of products and moisture. This is a must for hair styling, especially for those with low porosity hair. Without steaming, product residue sits on my strands causing a white casts or instant flakes. 
  3. Hair Refresh: The steamer allows you to refresh your curls without an entire wash day. If you’re like me, you are on the go and don’t have time to completely soak your hair with products. Hop under the steamer, add some product, then proceed with refreshing your twist-out, wash and go, etc.
  4. No more tangles: Steaming softens the hair meaning easier detangling sessions! If your natural, you know less tangles means a drastic decrease in the wash day routine.  There is no longer an excuse to yank out your hair in due to tough tangles. 
  5. Growth: This is my current hair goal – growth and health. The heat of the steamer stimulates the scalp and keeps it clean which lead to hair growth. Paired with softening your hair for easy detangling, you’re not only growing, but retaining length. 

How often should I steam?

Natural hair can handle a steam treatment every 1-2 weeks. I steam my hair during my biweekly wash day. However, I also use the steamer in between washes when my coils need a refresh. After some research, many stylists say steamers are great to use up to once a week or even just once a month. 

Where to get a  hair steamer?

I use the Secura O3 Facial & Hair Steamer that I ordered from Amazon. Can’t order a steamer just yet? Get a similar moisturizing session by applying a plastic bag over your hair (add a deep conditioner to really treat the hair!). Get a wet towel and heat it up in the microwave – let cool if it’s too hot to touch – then wrap the towel over your plastic cap to create heat and steam. And there you go, a DIY steam treatment!

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Now, get to steaming! How do you keep your hair moisturized?

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