About Me

Lyndsey Camille

My name is Lyndsey Jackson,and I am a recent college graduate with a degree in public relations, a minor in Spanish and a new media certificate. Now that college is over, I’m entering a new world of adulting. When I’m not blogging, flipping through my collection of magazines and books or simply finding random facts on the Internet, I plan to be figuring out ways to live my best life. That means navigating Chapter 22 of my life: understanding the working world, making friends and establishing the foundation of my future.

Blogging provides me an outlet to express my interests and share my favorite beauty and fashion finds. For me, blogging stems back into my middle school days. It was fashion blogs and magazines that gave me first glimpse into the fashion world, from personal street style on the sidewalks of France to the influences of popular fashion and beauty editors. However, I didn’t always see diversity and people who looked like me with hair like mine. In 2012, my first blog, Cute ‘n Quirky, set out to change that and showcase women of color in fashion, beauty and the multitude of creative of spaces.

LyndseyCamille.com is for the women and young girls like me on the search for the right hair and beauty products, who want to evolve their style while on a path of personal growth. Lifestyle, fashion and beauty are just a few of my passions and blogging has been the platform that allows me to share my thoughts with so many others. Sit back , relax and have a scroll (and make a comment or two).

P.S. I also love cookie dough ice cream, have a slightly weird obsession with owl jewelry and watching – too many – vlogs and natural hair videos!