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Lyndsey Camille
Lyndsey Camille

I’m still figuring this adulting thing out – come learn with me!

Hi, I’m Lyndsey! I’m a young professional and Texas transplant. I’m also a lover of dance, Youtube (fashion & beauty!), Netflix, and trying new recipes. 

In the midst of work, I often find myself putting my hobbies and interest on the backburner. However, your passions should never be halted. LyndseyCamille.com is for the young women, transitioning into adulthood and navigating the corporate world. The site aims to provide an image of women owning their time and achieving their goals, while also still having fun and looking good.

Writing is my safe haven and a way for me to express myself – likes, dislikes, thoughts and all. For me, blogging stems back into my middle school days. I was enamored by fashion blogs and magazines which gave me my first glimpse into “how to” guides, street style, and the ultimate influence of media.  However, I didn’t always see me. I never saw the image of a Black girl with 4C hair nor could I ever totally identify with the majority of the writers. In 2012, my first blog, Cute ‘n Quirky, set out to change that and showcase women of color in fashion, beauty and the multitude of creative of spaces.

Sit back , relax and have a scroll (and make a comment or two).