Chp. 22: Graduating, Moving & Trying out YouTube?

I’ve always been a YouTube fanatic. During the first wave of beauty and fashion gurus up to the newest trend of vlogging, I have always been a faithful viewer. YouTube videos are honestly just fun to watch. Real people doing everyday things using everyday products, even better, you can tune in whenever, wherever. So enticing, you may even want to start creating your own videos. Exactly what I have done. 

Now, this isn’t my first time. I actually started a channel back in my high school days. Over that time, I’ve maintained a whopping 12 subscribers who viewed my 9th grade “fashion hauls”. I enjoyed, but even until this day, I better enjoy the keyboard. However, this year I want to take the documentation of my life to another level with the help of a camera. 

Graduating. Moving. Adjusting. ADULTING. I can’t end this post without mentioning some *major* life happenings. Friday, December 14, I graduated from the University of Georgia cum laude with a degree in public relations, a new media certification and a minor in Spanish! 3.5 years went by quickly and I’ll be going from the Classic City to the Lone Star state. My latest goal – because I always have some sort of goal or project going on –  is to take my blog and vlog channel on this journey with me and whoever else wants to join in on the next chapter. 

Welcome to my Chapter 22. 


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