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Freshman 15?! How to Stay Fit in College

The “Freshman 15” or, more simply, college weight gain is a common tale told to all college students at some point in time. But, how true could this be? For me, after one year of college down, I have actually experienced weight loss. Surprising? A tad. I tend to consider the stress factor and my lack of frequent snacking while on campus.

However, wether you find yourself gaining some extra weight or shedding some pounds, it’s always important to stay fit and healthy. So what are some of my healthy college living tips? Keep reading below:

1. You are what you eat! Seriously. The more alcohol, sugary snacks, soda, ice cream (and the list goes on), the more you negatively affect your body. Excess amounts of sugary drinks and snacks will show on your skin while certain foods and drinks, like alcohol, will cause bloating, weight gain, kidney issues and other health issues. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to indulge but remember to regularly drink water and eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits.

2. Sleep, sleep, sleep! Sleep is extremely important to maintaining your health and keeping off unwanted weight gain. Staying up later typically leads to snacking and late night snacking can lead to overeating. A good night sleeps keeps you rested, alert and helps to increase your activity rate for the day.

3. Portion control! Dining halls have an array of food and no parents to tell you what you can and cannot have or how much. Now, it’s on you. Never put more on your plate than you’re going to eat! The more that’s on your plate, the more you’ll feel compelled to eat even when you’re full. And, side note, be sure to include a variety of nutrients on your plate like protein, fiber and calcium.

4. Don’t take the easy way out! Stairs are everywhere amongst a college campus (well, basically anywhere actually) and so are elevators. Don’t take the elevators! Unless you’re going down over 5-6+ or more flights of stairs, late to class or you have a bad knee, take the stairs. And this rule applies for the buses as well! Try to walk to your classes as much as possible. Take advantage of the small, but effective workout opportunities.

5. Check out the gym..and bring a friend! Colleges and universities almost always have a gym and you typically are already paying the gym fee, so use it. Try even bringing a friend to make sure you both stay on track and have fun. You can even find out if your gym provides different classes to make your workout unique and fun!


Go conquer your semester and stay fit!


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