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Latest home decor: houseplants. It’s so easy to add a new chair or photo to the wall, but greenery and foliage adds an entirely different element. Houseplants quite literally introduced new life into my space. Houseplants have been proven to improve health through purifying the air and even increasing focus. A bigger bonus is the wide variety of plants and planters that suits any style and green thumb.

My houseplant journey began two months ago when I decided to pick up a basil plant from my local Wholefoods. Today, I have a total of six growing plants which I may or may not have spent hours researching (s/o Planterina and The Spruce!). Keep reading to check out my plants:

ZZ Plant
Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The ZZ plant, also known as a plant of steel, is the perfect starter houseplant. ZZ plants can survive with little sunlight or water; Hence, why I positioned mine farther away from the window in a corner area. My plant requires a good watering once a month and weekly dusting to maintain the leaves. My favorite aspect of the ZZ plant are it’s glossy dark green leaves and the outward growth. I purchased a gold modern floor planter from Target to fit my style and create beautiful contrast with the leaves.

Alocasia Polly and Aloe Vera
Alocasia Polly and Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an easy plant to care for due to it’s minimal needs. I water my aloe plant about once every three weeks since the plant and soil thrives in dryness. Within two months, I’ve witnessed growth as it continues to slowly stretch out.

The Alocasia Polly is one of my plant pride and joys. When I walked into the plant nursery, I had no intentions of purchasing a tropical plant – I didn’t even know the Alocasia existed! THe leaf variation, mixes of purples and greens and elephant ear shape captivated me. After bringing it home, I delved into research and found that tropical plants have a hard time surviving as houseplants. This has not been the case for me. Within weeks, my Alocasia has grown two new leaves with another on the way! My tip is to keep the soil moist and create humidity.

Jade and Basil Plant
Jade and Basil

Basil was my very first houseplant. All it needs is weekly watering and indirect sunlight. I’ve even been able to use my basil leaves to cook from adding it to spaghetti or simply drying it out for future meals. The Jade plant is a beautiful succulent with full and rounded dark green leaves. The Jade is my latest houseplant purchases which has been receiving biweekly watering and indirect sunlight.

Pothos plant
Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is a rapid grower and one of my favorite houseplants. After an initial trim and repotting, this plant has been rapidly growing and vining. I am patiently waiting for the plant to vine across the coffee table and reach the floor. I place this plant about five feet from the window, rotating the pot daily to ensure all parts receive adequate sunlight. I also allow the soil to completely dry out between watering to prevent root rot. Since moving this plant to it’s new location, I’ve received a new leaf and multiple sprouts weekly!

My houseplants continue to bring more life into my living space and the chance to get creative with various planters. The planters featured were purchased from Target, Marshall’s and Bed Bath and Beyond. My plants are from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Calloway Nursery.

Let’s talk about houseplants in the comments below!


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