After two months of scrolling through multitudes of bob cuts on Pinterests, I finally sat in the salon chair and transformed my hair! This summer, my hair routine has consisted only of a slick back low-bun with the only variety being the placement of my part, boring. My ends were dry and the sides were growing thin.

What could’ve been the issue? Well, I am known for over-proctective styling, from bunning to crown braids. Each hairstyle that does involve more manipulation of the ends that can lead to breakage. Why so dry? This is still a case that I’ll be dealing with, however I have added more moisture and natural oils, like argan and jojoba, to my daily routine.

Now on to the fun part! I ultimately decided to cut my hair to add more fullness and get back to healthy hair. I want a layered bob, longer side pieces and a full bang…everything that I got! My hair ends a little under chin length and still *technically* the length to put in a ponytail. Of course to maintain my hair, I use a silk scarf and add moisture each night using Dr. Miracle and/or natural oils.

Follow me as I journey back to healthy hair!


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