Introverts Guide to Actually Leaving the House

Being an introvert is great until you get stuck in a rut and realize your friends are hanging out without you. It’s a fact that we must recharge and take advantage of alone time, but that doesn’t mean to stay in the house 24/7. Put down your book, pause that Netflix show and learn how to get out of the house!

  • Be a Yes Woman…to an extent: It’s so easy to say no to an invite. There’s “Maybe next time” to “I’m just too tired today” when really you just want to curl up with a book for the 6th time this week. Free time is not synonymous with alone time. Say “yes” more. You’ll hardly ever regret the conversations and adventures that come out of a simple yes.

  • Know Your Time Limit: The rule is to say yes more, but to an extent. Introverts aren’t anti-social or loners. Introverts can be the most social people in the room. Our caveat is the need to recharge. A day trip, dinner, a night out and then hanging out again the next day can just be too much. And that’s okay. In a goal of saying yes, you must also find a balance. Remember, free time is not along time, and vice versa.

  • Find Your Tribe: What’s even better than being an introvert? Finding introvert friends. People who are fine hanging out without talking much. Friends who understand when you’re ready to go home. It can be difficult find this so-called tribe of friends. My advice is to scan the room, find the quiet people first and start a conversation. Then, work your way throughout the room (at your own pace, of course!). Don’t make it a mission, but a progressing goal as you build your social circle.

Introverts. We already know how to enjoy our own company and be at peace while alone. Now it’s time bring that joy to the party – be adventurous, explore, socialize and get out of the house!


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