I’ve been busy…

Neglect: to leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness.

Careless is a but of an overstatement, but I have certainly left my blog unattended. Was it intentional? Not quite. These past five months I have put my focus into schools, organizations and attempting to be present in the moment. Spring 2018 was my last spring semester as an undergraduate student – crazy, right? My ultimate goal was to make memories and create my own impact on campus. However, instead of talking about it, why don’t I just show what I’ve been up to this semester:

Here I am at the Class of 2018 Senior Send-Off! Although I’m not graduating until December 2018, the spring semester consisted of a lot of “lasts” for me. My final G-Day as a student, no more spring concerts, the end of helping out with recruiting events. However, I did get to watch the Dawgs at the National Championship and build so many memories.

I presented research through the department of public relations! I had the opportunity to present my poster that educated the public about the effects of corporate social responsibility on the purchase habits of college consumers.

My hair grew! I big chopped on May 30, 2017 leaving me with a super, short 4C TWA. This April, I finally got my hair pressed, hydrated and trim to do a length check. My hair was longer than my pre-BC hair and way thicker. I’m ready for another year of hair growth and health.

My last spring semester was memorable. I was even able to earn an Outstanding Senior Leader award! This summer, my goal is to take you all along on my new adventures in a completely new city. Be on the lookout!


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