Lessons from… Fall 2016

Winter is here. The weather is growing colder, the leaves are nonexistent, but there is a distinct smell of peppermint and cinnamon in the air. My favorite season of the year, autumn, has paid its dues for 2016. However, my plans for winter and the upcoming New Year have me tingling with excitement. And yes, I will blog my 2017 plans (very soon)!

Autumn taught me an abundance of lessons and life developments. I focused mainly on my academic and career goals which I’ll admit led to both stressing and blessings. The lesson of my autumn, “Work hard and go for what you want!“. ┬áThis fall, I worked to find my passion and what truly made me happy. I wanted to craft my goals while leaving room to venture into new paths and ideas. This self-exploration led me back to my longtime hobbies, writing and technology.

How did I go after my hobbies? This semester I joined a student-run PR firm! I was very nervous and scared because I haven’t even been accepted into the major yet. However, I went out on a limb and interview for a position. I made it as a copywriter creating all the written content for the client. Now, the position comes with some stress. Being that I am new to PR and balancing class and other organizations, I found myself struggling to find time to sleep. But as time went on, I learned the word NO. On top of that, I found a new happy place on my computer XCode. Coding actually relieved some of my stress and when I finish, I get a cool product made all by me!

And, to stop all the school talk, I decided to open up and try new things! I now live with three other girls in my dorm who have become great friends, have the support of my best friends, Brittaney and Rochelle and feel more comfortable as a college student.

2017 is up and coming and I am ready to face it full on!

-Lyndsey Camille



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