My 4B/4C Natural Hair Wash Day Routine

Black Woman with Natural Hair

Like any other natural, my wash day routine takes work! After three years of being natural, I’ve finally perfected my detangling and moisturizing process. My hair is very dense, low porosity, and can become dry in an instant, so retaining moisture and keeping hair loss to a minimum is a must.

I typically complete my wash day routine every two weeks. In between weeks, I may co-wash my hair to refresh the coils and prevent product build-up. Each wash day takes about 2-4 hours, styling included. This week, I washed my hair for the first time after having knotless braids for 7 weeks – the itchiness was real! My scalp was in need of a true cleanse, so I added my Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse to my wash day.

Spraying Apple Cider Vinegar on Natural Hair
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse

Honestly, I always eyeball my ACV rinse. However, I pour about two tablespoons into my spray bottle and dilute with water until halfway full. ACV rinses balance the hair’s PH levels which help to detangle, reduce breakage and frizz, and promote moisture retention. It also contains great nutrients like vitamins B, C, and potassium! I use the cleanser after all my braid takedown or major product build-up for easier detangline.

Camille Rose and Mielle Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Products
Mielle Deep Conditioner and Camille Rose Cleanser

Let’s get to washing!

After my first detangling session, my hair is ready for a good soak. I start by separating my hair into four sections. Sectioning the hair ensures each follicle gets its share of shampoo and conditioner. I love the Camille Rose Lavender Fresh Cleanse which has apple cider in the ingredients list. The shampoo tingles my scalp in the best way, but be sure to avoid the eyes. I also add a bit of conditioner right after if I plan to stay in the shower for an extended period.

Secura Steamer

Stay moisturized with deep conditioner and a steam treatment.

Once I’m out the shower, I begin to deep condition. I was out of the Camille Rose Lavender Quench Conditioner, so I picked up the Mielle Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner from Target. Both products stimulate the scalp and promote growth using mint. I can literally feel the mint rejuvenating my scalp with each use. I put my hair into big, chunky twists and add in a generous amount of conditioner. The steam treatment traps the moisture in my low porosity hair and makes detangling so much easier. I talk more about the benefits of hair steaming here.

With my hair freshly steamed, I wash out the remaining conditioner. I take an extra step before styling by adding in some oil and a leave-in. These products vary depending what I reach for under the cabinet. This time I used jojoba oil and Carol’s Daughter leave-in.

Detangling natural hair
Detangling with Denmark Brush

Detangle that hair!

I finish off my wash day routine by doing a final detangle with my Denman brush. I brush from end to root to prevent unnecessary breakage and hair loss. Now that my hair is detangled, I’m ready for styling.

Black woman with glasses smiling
Completed Wash Day

My hair is moisturized, detangled, and smells great after wash day. During my TWA phases, wash ‘n gos were my thing, but now I’m all about a twist out. No matter the style, wash day is imperative to make it look good and last. Want to see the video version of my wash day routine? Follow my Instagram.

What are your go to wash day products?

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