My Luxury Empty Apartment Tour

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I moved and I’m taking you along with me on an empty apartment tour! In my last post, I told you all about my virtual apartment hunt. Being that move in day was also my first time physically seeing my apartment, I was nervous, anxious, and excited. However, the complex honestly looks even better than the website. My heart was instantly at ease.

Walking into my apartment, it felt spacious, sleek, and modern. As my complex is new, I’m also the first person to stay in my unit. The crisp white walls and grey accented cabinets are super chic and can easily be decorated to any them. My appliances are all silver and don’t take up too much space in my kitchen and bathroom areas.

My bedroom fits the perfect measurement for my furniture set and I can’t wait to start adding relaxing elements to make it my own. Finally, the living room area will expand into the “technical” dining room location. I plan to use the kitchen countertops for eating, so there’s no need to fill up the extra space with dining furniture. What I love most in this space is the hardwood floors – dark and easy to clean!

Over the next few days (realistically, months), I’ll be making this place my own with decor. Although I do love the neutrals, I’m ready to add some mix of metals, wall art, and personal mementos. If you haven’t already seen my pins, my theme is modern and feminine. I’m also ready to start cooking with my new pots and pans!

On my next apartment tour, you’ll see how the theme implemented. Until next time – I have to finish unpacking. Comment below how you like to decorate your space.

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