Natural Hair Journey: It’s Been a Month!

I have toyed and twiddled my fingers as I decided whether or not to write an update post on my hair journey. It’s been a little over a month since I big chopped my hair and it’s definitely been a time of learning. What’s my texture? How do I keep it moisturized? Why does everyone want to touch my hair?! So many questions whirl through my head but I do have two clear hair goals in mind – 1) Learn how to properly maintain my hair 2) Retain *healthy* length and thickness. I’m akin to taking  pictures of my new hairstyles, however, I don’t want to become obsessive. So, I have decided to give a length/thickness update every 3 months from my BC date. This post is an exception to the rule, I had to share my hair after a month of TLC, Youtube guru marathons and learning. Keep reading below to learn more about my first month natural:

In a nutshell, water is my friend, styling is limited and a TWA isn’t scary at all! My hair gets dry quickly and soaks up product quickly. Water has been an easy and quick way to spritz in moisture and revive my wash & go styles. Wash & go styles have been my go-to. I wash my hair at least once a week and create moisturized curls with jojoba oil, Cantu curling cream and Eco-Styler gel. I use the products daily when needed to rejuvenate the look. However, if it’s rainy (or just a bad hair day), I put on my black headband and go on with my day. After a month, a TWA definitely isn’t scary, it’s just a beautiful process.
An au naturale texture update! My hair is thick with tons of coils. The hair clumps naturally and its much easier (with less breakage!) when I finger detangle versus using a comb. As my hair continues to grow and thrive, I find myself identifying with the 4b/4C hair type. My hair doesn’t take to everything mentioned for in hair typing, but it’s helpful when perfecting my routine.

Tell me about your hair journey and leave in tips or comments below:


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