Spring Statements: Let Your Nails Do the Talking

A nicely polished manicure can dress up any look! Springtime and warmth introduces lots of fun colors, nail shapes and designs that you can even do in the comfort of your own room. One of my favorite, and easiest, nail looks are plain, nude polish looks. Above is creamy nail polish shade topped with a shiny top coat polish to make the color glimmer in the sun. The natural nail shape keeps it fun, professional and interchangeable with any look.

Now you don’t have to keep it completely nude! Add ombre sparkles with a glitter polish to overlay on the nail color or completely polish one nail for a bold statement. For even more fun, try out nail stickers for jewels.

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean everything has to be bright! Keep with the dark tones and add fun with glitter and metallics. Mix silvers and golds into the nail look for a glam take on your nails.

Half moon and negative space nails are a hot trend that create lots of cool contrast! I suggest using tape to create precise angles and lines for negative space designs. It takes a steady hand and some practice to get these just right, but q-tips and nail polish remover are a great way to fix up any mistakes.

Of course, I had to save my favorite hot nail design look for last! I have always been a fan of bright colors and fun designs on nails. To get intricate details, it’s best to use various sizes of brushes and longer nails in order to fit more designs on the nails. Because it’s your “canvas” go for any design images that work for you!

What are your favorite nail looks for the spring?

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