Street Style Faves: Moscow Fashion Week Fall 2017

Fashion week continues up in Moscow! However, this week I’m getting my fashion inspiration from the fashionista/os making street style buzz. Moscow street style is filled with grunge looks, unstructured pieces, hints of athleisure and bold prints, colors and textures.Above is the perfect mix of unstructured pieces and athleisure. Nadezhda Zvezdova and Nick Golubkov both mix the wide leg gaucho pant with sneakers for a comfy, yet chic look. The mix creates a look of slouchy, understated and cool.

Legs for days! I love the elongated lengths theses pieces create on Anna Brain and Sarah Michaela. The silky styles give an air of luxe and pristine while still feeling light and airy.

I’ve always been a fan of bold statement pieces like the furry coat and “Little Drummer Boy”-esque jackets.It makes it so easy to bring any look to life with the detailed accents. Even more so, I totally want the star pants seen on Tine Andrea…and Yana Montina’s boots (tbh, I actually want everything 😅)

A hot, bold red and big block letters will always turn heads. Like the looks above, this caught my eye because of bold statement pieces. A statement piece can give your outfit the extra style to give a vibe of classy, edgy or sporty. Lena Ushakova is super chic in her structured red jacket paired perfectly with Acne brand oxford style shoes. Liza Gysevskaya makes any head turn in Outlaw Moscow with a long, exaggerated scarf.

What are your favorite street style looks?

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