Summer Where Art Thou: Avoiding Semester Fatigue

You see that gif up there? That is literally me coming back to my room after a long day of classes, work and dreaming of summer break. Sitting in class for 75 minutes while the sun is shining and the pool is calling your name is so not fun. This time when students start calculating the lowest grade they can make on the final to pass, missing class for just a few extra minutes of sleep, and forgetting about this thing called “school” is what I like to call “semester fatigue”.  It’s root cause? Knowing that summer is so close, yet so far.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting summer to come faster, but we also can’t let our GPA fall victim to this fatigue. That’s why I have compiled a few tips to keep your fatigue (and stress!) levels down, and your GPA up! Keep reading below to put an end to your semester fatigue:

Tired? Same, girl, same. I get super tired after a long day of classes which is why I’ve discovered my peak work times. Find the hours in the day in which you work best. I don’t work well after a long day because I feel drained! Peak times for me include the morning time and in between classes. I’m already on-the-go and energized which pushes me to keep going and get through my assignments. For others, peak times may be late at night or early mornings. Find your optimal work times by evaluating when you feel most energized and use it to your advantage to get work done!

One of the biggest pitfalls of “semester fatigue” is the constant feeling of exhaustion. It’s especially annoying when you’re in the groove and getting work done, but get that overwhelming feelings of exhaustion. What do I do? Take a 15-20 minute break. For every 45 minutes to 1 hour of work, I give myself a reward break. This helps prevent burnout, check up on social media, and have a necessary breather. Plus, breaks help to increase your creativity and thought processing, so win-win!

Finals are serious busy and deserve careful planning. Avoid fatigue and overwhelming yourself with test and due dates by utilizing that planner! Write down your most important assignments and test. Then prioritize them by which need the most attention and study time. I even like to get as detailed as the location and time period that I’d like to complete each task. As you create this list, you will see just how you should divide your time to ensure it all gets done in the best times possible. Remember, keep yourself accountable through small study rewards like breaks or even a “treat yo self” day!

Last, but not least, is my favorite tip: Self-care! Finals are a stressful time period, but we shouldn’t let it take a toll on our mental health. Be sure to take time for yourself whether it’s saying a quick prayer, catching up on a magazine, or polishing your nails. Dedicate an hour to yourself each day to do something you enjoy. And, if anything, just breath!One hour will not waste days and weeks of studying! Instead, it will help to keep you motivated and happy while reducing those feelings of fatigue.

How do you avoid semester fatigue? Let me know in the comments below!

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