The “C” Word

past, future

Change, change, change! The last 9 months of my life have consisted of nothing but transitions, changes, and an overwhelming amount of independence and responsibility. Moving from a comfy home with my mother and sister to a dorm of at least 900 students, changing my major and career goal, facing my most difficult classes yet, all while juggling whether I should go to the gym or spend more time studying between classes. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a college freshman (and still hanging in there!)

The hardest part of college for me has been the adjustments. Before college, I was always mature, independent, and could take on responsibility as needed. However, my mother was always a couple miles away, now we’re at least 90 miles apart! When a problem arises, I have to handle it on my own. When I’m feeling down, I can only make a phone call (although it’s great, nothing beats a face to face conversation).

Ultimately, I’ve been forced to start “adulting”, in other words, handle many everyday responsibilities all on my own. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing. I love depositing my own checks from work, deciding what I’m going to eat for dinner, choosing my own schedules. However, it’s the sudden changes that makes the experience a bit of a whirlwind at times. Also, not to mention, in the process, me as a person gradually grows with the change. As the changes keep coming, I see myself transforming from just a teenager to a young adult.

Change is inevitable and without change there is never any true growth. With my freshman year of college coming to an end, I am no longer afraid of the “c-word”. I am actually more grateful because with every change I’ve faced, everything has continued to fall into it’s rightful place.


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  1. So, so proud of you! You think of yourself as a Freshman because it’s your first year at UGA but don’t forget the two successful years of dual enrollment that you completed. You are becoming an independent self starter like your Mom! Go my GA Girl and remember change is a good thing.

    Nana 😘

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