The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Management

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Time management doesn’t always come naturally. I mean, does Beyonce really get the same 24 hours in a day like the rest of us? Juggling work and a social life can feel draining and time-consuming. There are times it seems like you can barely check off one task on your to-do list! But what makes accomplishing those goals worse? Bad time management.

Time management is a method to help you use your time efficiently and have control on how your time is spent.

Start increasing your productivity and time management now!

  • Do establish daily goals. What do you want to accomplish today? Figure it out and write it down.  Make the goals specific and realistic. Setting hard goals leads to discouragement and unnecessary setbacks. When I’m not using my phone, I jot down my goals in my Happy Planner
  • Don’t do the most. When setting your goals, don’t overdo it. Taking on too much isn’t time management, it’s stress. Instead, order your to-do list by priority. 
  • Do take breaks. Although you have a to do list, your day should still be treated as flexible. A brain break is needed to keep up your productivity.  Take a walk, get some water, or talk to a friend. Pause the work. 
  • Don’t get caught up in distractions. Not all emails, texts and notifications  require an immediate response. I’m not talking about the occasional glance, but don’t get caught up in a 30 minute scroll through IG. Is your phone holding you back? Turn on Do Not Disturb during your work hours.

End your day with positivity and self-reflection.

  • Do end your day by reflecting. What’s better than knowing you got work done? Knowing that you accomplished your goals! Check off all your finished tasks at the end of the day.  You did it!
  • Don’t turn into all work and no play. Being busy 24/7 is not fun or a status indicator. Constant busyness can signify poor work ethic. Instead of struggling along, ask for help. Improving your time management may involve reviewing your workload and delegating  those who can assist. 

Drop your time management tips and questions below.

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