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What I’m Loving ft. The #DormLife VoxBox


If you know me, you are fully aware of my love for all things cookie dough flavored, sour candies and nail polish. To say I was beaming with excitement when I found out all three items were in my Dorm Life Vox Box is an understatement. This Vox Box features some of the top dorm room essentials for any college girl from Tampax Pearl Pocket tampons, study snacks, Alba Botanica Face & Body Scrub and so much more. Keep reading for my review of this month’s goodies:

  1. Alba Bontanica Acnedote: This acne scrub left my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. I was nervous the scrub would be too abrasive for my oily, slightly sensitive skin and leave my skin feeling dry. However, using the scrub about 2-3x per week helped clear up pesky blemishes and blackheads. I used the scrub while in the shower to make the most out of the scrub and exfoliate all over my skin. I would definitely pick up this product again!
  2. Cookie Dough Balance Bar: I was very hesitant about the Balance Bar being that it is advertised as a nutrition and protein bar. However, the cookie dough flavor helped mask any not so good flavors from the nutrition aspect. The bar fulfilled my midday hunger as I went from class to class and meeting to meeting throughout my day. I give the bar a 4/5 because it was a great help when I couldn’t get to my meal while also providing a great flavor. However, I could still taste a little too much of the  typical “protein bar” taste in the bar.
  3. Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo: I did not get to try the dry shampoo due to my natural ‘do. My hair type would get too dry using the product. However, I appreciated the unscented nature to keep the product from being perfume-y as well as the ingredients that help promote healthy hair.
  4. Sinful Colors Punk Yourself nail polish: This product was my least favorite in the box. Similar to the OPI Shatter Nail Polish Collection, the polish comes in a set of two and is supposed to create a crackled effect between the two colors. After three attempts, the colors did not properly “crackle” and looked as though I had only painted a random color on top of another. Alone, each color was also very translucent and watery. I would not purchase this product. 
  5. Sour Punch Share Me Mini Bites: My favorite snack in the bag were the Sour Punch Mini Bites! I’ve always loved Sour Punch Straws, but they were often quite messy and more for eating in on setting. These are in a small baggie that can be close with a small sticker. The straws are thicker and shorter making them bitesized and leaving any person wanting more! I tried the assorted flavors and Ragin’ Red flavors. 10/10 and I’d buy again!
  6. Tampax Pocket Pearl: The last goody is a necessary for any college girl. I loved the pocket size that fit perfectly into my purse or backpack without bulging out in the middle of class. The tampons are the same as my regular purchase but it’s the packaging that makes them different and easier to transport.

Have you tried out any of the products? Any college girl must haves? List yours down in the comments below!



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