Why You Should Work During College

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Why should you work in college? You’re probably already taking a full course load, a part of three clubs, and absolutely need that 30 min. nap in between classes! However, there’s always a need for an extra college cash flow as well as some room to expand your career network. Working in college comes with a lot more pros than the average student seems to think. Personally, I maintained not one, but two jobs throughout my freshman year! My primary job was through work-study as an office assistant. My second job was in customer service where I worked once a month and during holiday breaks. That helped me to keep consistent work throughout the year while also keeping school first! Keep reading below to find out my top reasons for holding down a part-time job/internship while in college:

  • Money, Money, MONEY! No one likes to be the typical broke college student. Whether you came into college with tons of scholarship or staying afloat with student loans, a consistent income source is always handy. Want to eat out for dinner, buy tickets to a concert, or a nice “treat yo’self” weekend? Then that extra cash will definitely come in handy.
  • Networking! The collegiate network I built as an office assistant is invaluable to my college career. You never know who will walk through the doors of your college job! A part-time job gives you a chance to connect with faculty and staff who can help you build the skills and connections needed for your future career. A part-time job will also give you a chance to form a closer relationship to older faculty which is always a plus!
  • Time management! Balancing a part-time job and college courses can only help you work on your time management skills. A part-time job requires your time and effort such as coming to work on time and attending to the designated tasks. This can only help fuel your drive and effort to work hard and build an organized schedule to succeed in your classes. Also, be sure to keep your supervisor up-to-date with your course work and let them know that academics are your #1 priority from the start!
  • Career skills and resume building! One of the best things about working during college is building your resume! Whether you work in the dining halls or the main library, you will build necessary career skills and habits. Balancing a job and college courses will set you apart from the typical student. It shows your future employer or club president that you know time-management, can be trusted, and be a great asset to their team.

Now, how do you secure said job you ask? Well, fix up that resume and start applying early (like, now!) if you’re looking for a job in the fall.

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